Almost 200 arrests for drink driving in December

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Almost 200 drivers have been arrested for drink driving or drug driving offences by Avon and Somerset Police in December.

There have been a total of 180 arrests as part of Operation Tonic – the annual Christmas campaign. Last year 231 drivers were arrested during the same period.

Drivers caught drinking and driving or driving while under the influence of drugs risk a fine of up to £5000, a minimum 12 month driving ban, a criminal record and could end up behind bars and without a job.

Police want motorists to take care during the build-up to the New Year celebrations. Anyone planning to go out and celebrate the New Year is being advised to nominate a non-drinking driver, arrange alternative transport and leave the car at home.

Despite the high number of arrests the majority of the public are aware of the dangers of drink and drug driving and are responsible about not getting behind the wheel while impaired.

These people have a big part to play in getting the message across to the minority who are prepared to take a chance.

Traffic Sergeant Pete Stringer said:

“It is concerning that we have made so many arrests since 1 December and it appears that some people just aren’t getting the message.

It is pleasing though, that we are catching people who are prepared to take a risk and getting them off the roads before they can kill or seriously injure someone.

Between now and the new year, officers will be out in force on our roads and if you drink or take drugs and drive we will catch you and you face losing your licence.

People need to understand that drink driving is simply not acceptable and the police will keep making arrests for as long as motorists keep putting lives at risk through drink or drug driving.”

drink driving

Drinking and Driving (drunk driving) is a serious offence and carries a mandatory ban for a minimum period of 12 months.

You can only avoid a drink driving ban if you can defend the allegation, or if you can prove that their were special reasons in relation to the reason why you were driving whilst over the limit.

Breath Readings.

The legal drink driving limit is 35 milligrams per 100 millilitres of breath. If your breath reading is under 50 milligrams then you will be offered a blood or urine test to double check the breath reading. If your blood reading comes out above the drink driving legal limit of 80 you will be charged with drink/drunk driving.

Some defences to drink driving.

  • Showing that you were not driving.
  • Denying that you were driving on a road or in a public place.
  • Arguing that you consumed the alcohol that took you over the drunk driving limit after you stopped driving (otherwise known as a hip flask defence).
  • Denying that you were over the limit and arguing that the police evidence is unreliable.


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