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Game Shooting Season Closed

Shooting birds in the close season Shooting is illegal during  close seasons. Licences cannot be issued under either the Game Acts or the Wildlife and... [Read more]

Driving Offence Codes

Driving Offence Codes And The Penalty Points System Penalty points can only be added to your licence where allowed by statute.  The most common example... [Read more]

12 Points On Your Licence

Endorsement codes and penalty points All endorsable offences 12 points and disqualifications will be recorded on your driving licence. 12 points and endorsements... [Read more]

12 Points On License What To Do Next

12 points on license are you at risk of reaching it? Exceptional hardship 12 points on license for many drivers are apparently successfully pleading that... [Read more]

Children’s Toy Box Worth £1,200 of Toys

Toy Box Children toy box are nowadays enjoying the company of a toy collection worth a staggering £1,200 as parents struggle to balance big-ticket tech... [Read more]

Using mobile phones when driving: the law

Mobile Phone Driving Offence The use of any hand held mobile phone or similar handheld communication device while driving is  prohibited and attracts... [Read more]

Home insurance to rise as insurers count cost of recent flooding

Home insurance premiums have risen over the past three months, according to new figures from the AA. It said premiums are likely to continue going up,... [Read more]

Damaged Tiles On Your Roof

Can I replace missing and damaged tiles or shingles on my roof without calling a contractor? It is always recommended that you use a professional to do... [Read more]

Helping Children Cope With Loss, Death, and Grief

When A Child Grieves And How To Help Them Deal With Grief Grief whether it’s a parent, grandparent, sibling or much-loved pet who dies, the grief a child... [Read more]

When Grief Comes Home During the Holidays, How Do You Manage?

Grief during the holiday season beginning with Thanksgiving and going through Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year is a stressful time for all people, but... [Read more]