Children’s Toy Box Worth £1,200 of Toys

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Toy Box

Children toy box are nowadays enjoying the company of a toy collection worth a staggering £1,200 as parents struggle to balance big-ticket tech toys with traditional play.

Though many families are feeling the pinch, new research has revealed that the average 3-10-year-old’s bedroom is filled with a whopping £1,200 worth of toys – almost five times the value of toys parents had when they were youngsters.

So with that amount of money in toys laying around, why not think about a toy box to store them in.

Kids toy box come in a wide assortment of styles, shapes, and sizes. Their popularity comes from the fact that they provide the perfect solution for parents who are looking for a practical way to store and organize their kids’ toys, stuffed animals, and other trinkets. Aside from their storage purposes, toy box also help minimize clutter. Although appearance may play a role in selecting toy box, safety must be the primary factor that parents need to keep in mind. Kids love to be around their toys, so you must go for a chest toy box that ensures your child’s safety.

More often than not, kids toy box are built and designed without keeping safety in mind. The Consumer Product Safety Commission states that a toy box that has a hinged lid must be equipped with a lid support that will keep the lid open regardless of its position. When shopping for toy boxes, thoroughly inspect your box of choice, making sure it has the lid supports that are recommended by the commission. Toy box must be designed for safety. Their lids must have the ability to remain in position when they are opened or lifted up. Thus, the lid supports are the most important thing to consider in selecting your toy boxes. Kids toy box need to be equipped with lid supports that are well designed. This feature provides parents the assurance that when their kids are bent over their toy boxes, trying to get some of their toys, the lid will not slam down or fall atop the kids.

toy box

Toy box can be personalised to suit any persons style and taste, this can be having your own choice of paint or even having your child’s name painted on to there toy box so that they know that it is theirs and take ownership in  there toys and also looking after them. For more information


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