How to Care for Newly Pierced Ears and Other Piercing

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Pierced Ears and Other Piercing

An earring is a nice accessory for women and men. If you’ve just gotten your ear piercing, you’ll need to know how to care for ears and the jewellery you use. Here are some tips to help you.

  • Use a cotton swab and an antiseptic to clean the earring and the area around the earring at least twice a day. Note: don’t clean the area too much or your skin will dry out.
  • Your piercer should recommend an antiseptic for your ears (no chemicals should be used).
  • Even after a bath or shower you’ll need to clean your ears. Be careful that no shampoo, conditioner, or body wash infects your piercing. As mentioned above, use a sea salt solution to disinfect your ear.
  • At night, don’t sleep on your side. You want to be careful not to be unwanted pressure on your ears. This will take some time for you to get used to but you will have to cope with your new situation. It will be a couple of days, leading up to a month or two, before you can sleep on your side again.
  • Once your ears have healed, which will take 6 to 9 weeks, you can swap out your earring. Your piercing should be flexible enough to accommodate smaller jewellery, larger jewellery, or any other alternative you chose. Just make sure your initial piercing is completely healed.


A few times a day (many people find themselves doing this all the time), turn your earrings so the piercing doesn’t heal around them. If you don’t turn your earrings, the skin will grow back in around the earrings and you won’t be able to get them out. Make a point of doing this at least twice a day. If you do it more often (playing with your new piercing), that’s fine. Turning them more is better than turning them less.

Be sure to leave your studs in for at least six weeks (recommendations will vary). If your piercing is having trouble healing – bleeding, crusting (make sure this is clear scabbing fluid and not pus), still painful, etc. – leave your studs in longer and continue to clean the piercings frequently. If your ears are healing well, you can remove the earrings after six weeks. However, continue wearing earrings most days, and stick with studs. Make sure the studs are hypoallergenic if your skin is at all sensitive. Wait a few more weeks, at least, before wearing any dangling earrings or non-hypoallergenic ones (until the piercing is healed even better).

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