When Divorce Is A New Year’s Resolution

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Divorce Rates to Increase as New Year Sets In

While some couples may have kissed under the mistletoe this past holiday season, many others are destined for a date in divorce court. Matrimonial lawyers know that this time of year produces a very well-known annual event: After the champagne has flowed on New Year’s Eve, divorce fillings and the number of new cases inevitably begin to spike.

Many unhappy spouses make the resolution to move forward with a divorce some time during the course of the previous year or possibly even longer before that. As is often the case, they choose to bide their time with a great deal of deliberation and patience. Remaining committed to spending one last holiday season as a family unit, the estranged spouse decides to make the best of it just one more time before announcing the decision to end the marriage.

When children are involved, this carefully made decision to delay the announcement may be the best choice for everyone involved. Of course, this is only as long as the family gatherings held during the holiday season remain free of uncomfortable frictions, confrontations and fighting.


Divorce is sadly often unavoidable and can have a huge impact on the entire family so it’s important that issues are resolved quickly and sensitively. For many separation is a last resort, when all other methods of reconciliation have failed, so couples want their legal affairs in order and papers finalised as soon as possible so they can start to move on.

However, many couples are often unsure of where to turn, especially when expensive legal bills are not an option as proceedings can become long and drawn out. Lengthy divorces do not benefit anyone especially where children are involved so it is vital that both parties seek impartial legal advice sooner rather than later.

Families worried about spiralling divorce costs should always seek professional advice. There is plenty of free advice available on a range of family matters, including divorce, from organisations such as the Citizens Advice Bureau. Specialist solicitors can also advise you on your rights and help you find the right options to help you resolve your problems and if you require it representation in court.

Although divorce levels have fallen in the UK, we still hold one of the highest figures in the world, with more than one in a 100 marriages ending in divorce. This means divorce is still a very real issue throughout the country.

Matrimonial disputes are often stressful and emotionally highly charged and believe that the relationship between client and lawyer must be based on trust, confidence and accessibility.



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